Well an early start to the day. Was up around 5am starting the day with a premeditation. Fred was up around half past five so we went in to watch the usual lineup; Morning Joe….
Lesson started two minutes after 10:00, I was worried for a moment because Miriam had a ‘do not disturb’ sign on her phone. Every thing turned out ok, except that she has as bad a cold as Fred and I have had these [ast two weeks. It just keeps hanging on.
We worked on Amor ti vieta, sang through couple of times and no problem. Then I was informed as tot how she wanted it done…once in italian, once in english, finally half in italian and the ending in english, this last time being raised a half step. Really kool….no problems. It was so easy a piece of cake and eating it too.
We talked a great deal about fear. Its funny when listening to Miriam give me an example of what she has been ex through, being new voice teacher on staff and everyone wanting to study with her, and how she says she just doesn’t give a damn what these other teachers think. I can imagine myself giving that advice to someone but I would be hard put to come up with that for myself. Well, maybe after six months of agonizing.
Next week no lesson and I am really going to take advantage of this time and really focus on me and not music per se…..
Friday Brim is driving us up to Burlington. We will stop by to mom, mem, and pep….maybe lay a wreath, or something. We have reservations at the old Radison overlooking Lake Champlain, attending midnight mass at St Josephs; I am not sure I can stand a whole service of whinny folk songs masking as gifts of praise. We will head home Christmas day. I will probably make something for us to have when arrive home; given the weather stays unstormy, we should be home around 5pm. We’ll have a nice time together, quiet, peaceful, and full of gratitude….and maybe just a tinneey, winneey super dense Ny cheese cake. Gotta make sure I bake it long enough this time.